Friday, January 26, 2007

What's Missing Here?

This afternoon I decided to treat my little guy to his favorite meal: homemade french bread pizza. I pulled out all of the ingredients, lathered on the layers and popped the homemade treat in the oven but when I pulled it out twenty minutes later I realized that something was missing…pizza sauce! I set the toasted cheese bread aside for me to eat and pulled out all the ingredients to remake one to serve to the little guy but when I pulled the loaf out twenty minutes later I realized something was missing…cheese! What is wrong with me?!?!?!

I’m distracted. Not just a little bit but totally, completely, undeniably distracted. Funny thing is, I am not even really sure what I’m distracted by. It has been several weeks since I have consistently written on my blog and several weeks since I’ve had consistent quiet time with my Bible or in prayer. If I look back over the last month, I am sure I could find tons of excuses, but if I am honest with myself, I can’t really see anything that would take up more time than my normal activities over the last year. In fact, I am less busy now than I was this time last year and yet I seem to have less time to get things done.

It occurred to me today that I’m distracted because I’ve allowed myself to be distracted. I have a choice as to what things occupy my time and what things are expendable and yet I have convinced myself that I don’t have enough time or that unimportant things are important. If someone were to measure up my life by the things that I make time for, I’m sorry to say that my life probably wouldn’t amount to much. This week I am going to try and reprioritize my life based on the things that I value rather than the things that ‘fill’. What distracts you?


Susan said...

Oh, jobs around the house, schedules, and so on and so on and so's easy to get distracted and lose priorities, isn't it???

I'm here via CWO blogring...I'm glad I stopped by.



e-Mom said...

The pizza looks good, regardless! My husband just dips that combo in sauce, and voila--pizza.

I get distracted when I'm feeling under the weather... as today. I've had the sniffles, and really didn't get very much done!

Meagan said...

Oh Susan, tell me about it! The funny thing is that we probably don't have near the responsibility that mothers had 50, 75 even a hundred years ago and yet we seem more busy!

Thanks so much for stopping by...come back any time!


Meagan said...

e-mom -

That pizza does look great! Mine, however, did not! Ha.

Hope you are feeling better!