Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In "Other" Words: Giddy

"I long to worship Jesus with the heart of a child, in a state of pure and true adoration. Yet so many things of the world cloud my thoughts and pull on my heart until it's no longer just a girl in the arms of the Father."
~Darlene Schact~
"The Mom Complex"

Just the other day, I watched my friend's daughter for her so that she could make one final visit to her obstetrician before the arrival of her new baby boy. I have to confess that I absolutely adore my friend's daughter, whom I'll call RR, and love it when my friend calls me to watch her. This particular visit, RR arrived during the middle of my son's nap so the first 30 minutes she and I played quietly in the opposite end of the house. As I heard my son start to stir, RR and I tiptoed quietly down the hall to his room where I barely cracked open the door and let RR peak her head in. The groggy little boy looked up sleepily from his crib and when he saw the sweet face of his precious friend, a grin the size of Texas immediately spread across his face. As she walked closer to his crib, his smile grew so big that he looked positively giddy. RR started giggling and clapping and my little guy just sat there staring at her, starry-eyed with unashamed joy ( I later told my mom he looked high). He stood up, glanced quickly at me and then pointed at her as if to say, "I want to see her!!!". I picked him up and placed him on the floor next to her and they both began giggling, then she gave him a big hug and they both fell over giggling. I stood there, drinking in the moment, knowing that moments like those were rare and that very soon there would come a day when both would be ashamed to so publicly enjoy each other's company.

Every time I think back to that moment, my eyes tear up because I've felt that adoration in my heart towards my heavenly Father many, many times in my life but I don't know that I've ever let my joy creep to the surface like my son. What holds me back? Oh, so many things: insecurity, fear, judgment, laziness, doubt, you name it. How different my life would be if my Father had allowed such petty things to stifle the expression of his love for me!


eph2810 said...

Isn't it fun to see the unaltered joy of children. It is infectious. Maybe we should take our children as an example to be joyous in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this week's IOW quote.

Blessings on your day and always...

MiPa said...

What a beautiful illustration for this quote. Thank you for sharing!

E said...

You've described an absolutely beautiful picture of God's love and what ours should be for Him. As I watch my twins interact today, much like your son and RR, I will be reminded to let go and worship God without restraint! Thanks!


Amydeanne said...

that is a wonderful example!
Thanks for posting it!

Becky said...

That is such a precious story, and I'm not a bit partial. Ok, maybe I am. :)
Check out my post. It is about you!

Sarah said...

Beautiful, it brought a tear to my eye to imagine. Thank you.

Meagan said...

eph2810 -

Thanks so much for the encouragement and thanks for hosting IOW!


Meagan said...


Thank you - come back anytime!


Meagan said...

E -

It was a truly precious moment - reminded me of what I know I'll feel when I finally see HIS face. Thanks for stopping by!


Meagan said...

Amydeanne -

Welcome back and come back any time....I am headed over to read your post right now.


Meagan said...

Mom -

I knew you would appreciate this story...he does 'giddy' better than anyone! I am heading over to read your post now!


Meagan said...

Sarah -

Thanks for the encouragement and stop by anytime!


Cindy said...

That's so true. Children show their joy fully and unashamedly...when do we lose that?

Great thoughts.

Heidi said...

Good post. I love to read all these stories about children.

Laurel Wreath said...

Oh I loved reading this, made me warm and fuzzy and smile all over. This was beautiful.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your precious thoughts.

Loni said...

Our children sure can show us unhibited love. Thank you for sharing this perfect illustration for this weeks IOW. :)